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Bo visits Prime Dental Turkey for 20x Emax Laminate Veneers! Click and watch the video to experience Bo’s visit through her eyes!

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Dreamy beaches, ancient ruins and outstanding natural beauty. an Aegean gem located in the West Coast of Turkey, waiting for you to explore!

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Prime Dental Turkey is one of the fully approved clinic centers in Turkey.

In order to be a dental center in Turkey you have to be a fully equipped dental clinic where a patient can get an X-ray or Ct-Scan and pick their dentist in a dentist team. If a clinic wants to be a clinic where international patients come then there are a few other steps that the clinic has to take. The first step is being legally approved by Turkish Health Ministry and Turkish Tourism Ministry. The clinic gets investigated by agents who come from these ministries mentioned before.



In 2022, we sent 678 new patients to their homes happily.

Established in 2020, our clinic is growing very quickly. In 3 years, we sent more than 1300 patients to their homes happily. Without a single complaint!

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