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Smile Makeover

Get information about Smile Makeover with the explanation of specialist dentist Egemen Ozdemir.

smile makeover

Our teeth and smile are one of the most important factors affecting the aesthetics on our faces and tell a lot about ourselves. While a wide and warm smile creates a feeling of confidence and comfort, smiling by hiding our bad or missing teeth creates a feeling of insecurity.

Aesthetic dentistry practices in a professional health institution in Turkey Having a smile design with Smile design means not only having this treatment at an affordable price, but also being treated by specialist physicians, since many patients are treated in this regard. Since everyone’s face structure is unique, the tooth structure suitable for the facial features should also be unique. This is the key to having natural-looking teeth and a beautiful smile. You can also do this with laminate veneer, emax or zircon veneers, which are made by adhering to some principles such as hollywood smile.

Good and successful results can be obtained. The main point we pay attention to while designing the smile is the correct ratio between the teeth and the surrounding tissues such as nose, lip and eyes. For this, a few factors should be considered. First of all, analysis photos and models are taken from the person. A detailed conversation is made on the patient’s expectation. After deciding which treatment will be more appropriate, the size and volume of the lips are observed. The lines descending from the wings of the nose correspond to the point on the lips and chin in the analysis photographs.

Then, pink aesthetics and white aesthetics are evaluated to understand the factors inside the mouth.  pink aesthetic is gingival aesthetics. When considering gingival aesthetics, first of all, the health of the gums is evaluated. Unhealthy gums appear more red and swollen. First of all, the gums should be treated.

Then the level and symmetry of the gums are evaluated. If there are asymmetrical gingival levels, gum conturing treatment is applied and the gums are aligned. Secondly, when the person smiles, how much the gums look is checked. When the person smiles aesthetically It is appropriate for the teeth to appear one or two millimeters. If the gums are very visible when the person smiles, they have the appearance of a gummy smile. In such cases, gum conturing is applied and the teeth are lengthened a little and the gum levels are adjusted.

After the gingiva is made healthy and symmetrical, the white aesthetic part, that is, the appearance of the teeth, is evaluated. At this point, the demands of the person are very important. There are a wide range of treatment options, from small touches such as small aesthetic fillings or one-session bleaching to more comprehensive treatments such as Emax coating on all teeth. The important point is the expectation of the person. For example, if the only thing that the person does not like is the small gaps between a few teeth, aesthetic fillings or very thin laminate veneers completely eliminate the aesthetic anxiety in that area.

However, if the spaces between the teeth are too wide or between the jaws If there is a situation that affects the closing, it is necessary to treat more teeth in order not to disturb the proportion between the teeth and to protect the closing relationship. At this point, the important thing is to determine the most suitable treatment option for the person. You can choose the most suitable treatment option for you from the free consultation section or other communication methods.

Smile Design with Questions and Answers

Is smile design an expensive treatment option?

Smile design is not a treatment option, but an approach to aesthetic dentistry.

What treatments does smile design involve?

Lip filling for lips; gum conturing and gingival treatment for gums; bonding for teeth, whitening zirconium full veneers, emax full veneers, laminate veneers, lumineers applied without tooth abrasion, implant treatments for missing teeth are among the treatment options.

Which are the most preferred treatment methods in smile design?

Since our patients generally complain about the crookedness of their teeth or the gaps between the teeth, they demand more comprehensive treatments, so a more satisfactory result is generally obtained with emax full veneers or laminated veneers.

In how many days will the smile design be completed?

It is important which treatment to choose. Treatments such as bonding to close small gaps or teeth whitening are completed in one day, but treatments such as emax or zirconium coating take about five days. It is completed with two visits.

The applications of smile design are generally the treatment approach that includes how many teeth. If the appearance of the teeth is good in general, only the teeth that look bad are treated, but in general, the number of teeth that appear when we smile, the number of teeth that are treated. Sometimes twenty-four, but generally includes twenty teeth.

Egemen Ozdemir

He was born in Edirne in 1986. After completing his primary education at Edirne Şükrü Paşa Primary School, he finished his secondary education at Edirne Anatolian High School in 2001. He then attended Edirne Science High School from 2001 to 2004. He graduated from the Ege University Faculty of Dentistry, where he excelled in his studies.

Throughout his career, he has developed expertise in the field of aesthetic dentistry by participating in numerous courses, congresses, and symposiums. Before joining Prime Dental Clinic, he spent nine years working as a dentist and manager in various clinics in Izmir.

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