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Dental Implants

Get information about all on four implant treatment with the explanation of specialist dentist Mehmet Ali Koldas.

dental implants

Implant Brands

For many years, we have been working with distinguished proven implant brands with our expert dentist staff.

Iti straumann implant (made in swiss): It is also one of the most widely known implant brands consisting of the first implant brands. It is durable and durable, like other implants.

Shorter implant (bicon) (made in USA): it is preferred in cases where it has been produced for a long time, especially in cases where a short implant with bone deficiency should be used.

Nta implant (made in swiss): It is manufactured with superior Swiss technology. It has a long service life and is durable.

Dio implant(made in South korea): This implant, which has been produced for a long time, has been proven and used for a long time.

Implant Prices 2024

Implant prices vary depending on many factors. Implant application prices are determined by the Turkish dental association every year.

The prices determined by the Turkish dental association do not include the implant material fee, the metal and zirconium material fees for the prosthesis to be made on it. It is forbidden to share prices over the internet due to competition conditions. A detailed clinical examination is required to find out the treatment planning and treatment fees. Implant prices vary depending on the brand of the material to be applied and the material of the tooth to be made. Implant prices also vary according to the price policies of different dental health centers. You can click HERE to find out the prices.

In implant treatment, the competence of the doctor who will apply the implant as well as the implant is very important. In this regard, we recommend that you do not take your treatment to institutions and organizations that are not competent in this regard, which only address patients with an advertising policy.

What to do and What not to do After Implant Treatment?

  • After the implant is applied, a tampon is placed on the corresponding area. It is recommended to apply pressure gently with the inserted tampon. After removing the bumper, nothing should be put in its place. The things that are put on cause infection and bleeding.
  • Spitting and shaking should not be done on the day of the procedure to prevent bleeding. Fluids that accumulate in the mouth should be swallowed.
  • It is forbidden to use tobacco and tobacco products during the week of implant surgery.
  • Very cold and very hot foods should be avoided after the implant is made, warm soft and grain-free foods should be fed.
  • After the procedure, eating and drinking activities should be avoided until the drowsiness passes (on average, 2 hours).
  • Alcohol should not be taken after surgery, considering that it will interact with the drugs used.
  • The drugs prescribed by your doctor should be used regularly, especially antibiotics and painkillers.
  • A cold compress given to the patient after the surgical procedure prevents complications such as pain, edema, and bruising that may occur. A cold compress should be applied on the day of implant surgery until sleep with an interval of 5 minutes.

Laser implant treatment

Laser is one of the minimally invasive methods used in implant treatment. In implant surgery, one of the erbium, diode, nd-yag or co2 lasers is used in the area where the implant will be applied. Soft tissue can be removed with a laser, an implant slot can be prepared from bone tissue with a laser, an implant-wide hole can be drilled with a laser, and after the laser implant operation, it is possible to try to eliminate pain and reduce swelling by phasing out the biocitumulation effect of the laser.
Since it will only be used in the area where the laser implant will be applied, it provides maximum comfort for patients after the operation.
Laser implant treatment keeps the patient’s discomfort after the operation to a minimum, while laser implant treatment can take longer than the conventional method.

The difference of laser implants

Laser implant treatment is often known as a seamless implant.laser implant therapy is performed more intensively in patients with a low pain threshold, in patients with kidney and liver problems, in diabetics, in patients with a low resistance to infection.
Recovery after the application of a seamless implant is much faster.

Implant Tooth in a Day

With the progress of technology every day in the field of dentistry, implant treatment is the process of making a digitally produced tooth by applying an implant on the same day when the case is appropriate.

In the absence of teeth that are directly noticeable in the anterior region of the face, it is important both in terms of chewing function and appearance. Aesthetics and ease of use are at the forefront of implant dental applications in a day.

With the technological developments and the further integration of digital space into dentistry, the color structure shape of the tooth to be produced on the optimal position of the implant in the jawbone is produced quickly.

How to make an implant tooth in a day?

First, in order to measure the patient’s suitability for an implant in a day, a three-dimensional bone and soft tissue measurement is performed and the suitability is determined. The obtained data is transferred to a computer environment in three dimensions and the gum thickness is determined by measuring the bone height and width in the area where the implant will be made. Teeth are prepared in accordance with the smile design on a virtual implant prepared in a digital environment. Then, implants are placed by performing an operation with a surgical guide prepared digitally. The teeth produced for placement on the same day are glued together. Although preparation is required for each stage of classical implant treatment, these procedures can be performed within the same day in implant dental treatment in one day. Another advantage of implant treatment on the same day is that oral measurements are taken digitally and performed one-on-one, possible errors are minimized, and teeth prepared with cad-cam technology are fully compatible with the size of the mouth. Patients can be shown digitally how they may look in the final before starting this treatment, so that the patient’s expectations and possible prospects are evaluated digitally.

Prices for Implants and Implants in 1 Day

When our patients apply to our clinic for implant treatment, the medical history and dental history are taken first. Then, after analyzing the oral and dental health status in a digital environment with 3-D imaging, it is appropriate to place an implant tooth on the same day.

When there are too many implants, it is decided how many stages the treatment is and the treatment is completed a few days after the teeth are produced in the laboratory.

The Price of an Implant Tooth in a Day

The price of implant dental treatment in a day increases the cost of its formation, as it requires more advanced technology and a more precise method.

Implant Treatment of Bone Deficiencies

In implant treatment to replace a healthy tooth that has disappeared, the bone to be implanted must be kept at least one and a half millimeters of bone around the implant. Naturally, a bone of sufficient width and length is needed for healthy implant treatment. In order to determine the presence of a sufficient amount of bone, it is detected with three-dimensional volumetric tomogrophies and with an oral examination performed by an experienced clinician.a healthy prosthesis can be made by applying different techniques, short implants or angle implants with the all on four method on the lower and upper jaw for new bone formation in patients who do not have sufficient bone level.

New Bone-Building Techniques

1) Split osteotomy (bone expansion) : this is a technique in which the implant and bone powder are inserted into the Dec that occurs between the middle of the bone and the middle of the bone at insufficient bone thickness to place the implant.

2) Internal sinus lift technique : it is a method that provides the formation of new bones in the vertical direction applied at reduced sinus heights with the effect of early tooth extraction and gravity of the maxillary sinus in the posterior regions of the upper jaw.

3) External (lateral) sinus lift technique: in cases where there is no or minimal bone in the posterior regions of the upper jaw, a window is opened from the side of the toothless region and bone powder is added to create new bone.

4) Block bone formation method: it is applied by removing bone from the tip of the jaw or the back of the jaw or the hip and placing it in the missing areas.

Prostheses on the implant

The philosophy of the implant is to make high-quality teeth that can replace their natural teeth so that people can experience their vital function aesthetics with high quality. People are offered fixed implant-top and movable (removable) implant-top prostheses that receive support from implants to replace their lost teeth.

Fixed Implant-Mounted Prostheses

a) Cemented (glued) fixed prostheses

Dental implants are dental implants that are made of metal-supported porcelain or zirconium that is glued onto the abutments (abutments) that are screwed onto the implants placed inside the jawbone, and work with the logic of the coating and bridge made on the tooth. It cannot be removed by patients in cases where it is necessary, it may not be easily removed by a doctor in the clinic. In order to remove these prostheses, it is necessary to apply a blow or remove the prostheses by deforming them with milling cutters. It is used in cases of single tooth deficiency, partial toothlessness, complete toothlessness. These prostheses are made of monolithic zirconium and BioHPP (peek) substructured composite material in addition to zirconium and metal supported porcelain.

b) Screw (hybrid) fixed prostheses

Nowadays, these prostheses, which are becoming more and more preferable every day, are fixed to the implants with a screw passing through the middle. These prostheses cannot be removed by patients, but they can be easily removed and installed at any time when the doctor requests, when there is a need for any revision. Because it can be removed at any time, the implant can be cleaned much more easily and problems can be solved easily. All on four treatment, all on six treatment,is applied in cases of partial toothlessness. As a rule, these prostheses are made of porcelain with a metal substrate, zirconium porcelain or zirconium with a BioHPP substrate.

Movable implant-mounted prostheses

As the name suggests, these are the prostheses that patients who use these prostheses can remove at any time and install at any time. These prostheses are prostheses that receive support from both soft tissue ( palate) and prosthetic parts that are attached to implants. These prostheses are preferred more intensively in patients who have weak bone tissue, have little chewing force, and cannot clean implant prostheses well. In this system, both the parts inside the mouth and the prostheses can be easily cleaned because the prosthesis can be removed at any time.

There are several different types of movable implant prostheses available. These systems can be listed as locator holder, boll (knob) attachment holder, telescope holder. When choosing these prosthetic systems, the patient’s expectations on the bone level, the patient’s wishes, the patient’s

it should be decided by analyzing it according to the degree of cooperation and oral hygiene. In order to be able to make an implant-supported movable prosthesis in a completely non-female patient, it is necessary to make 2-4 implants in the lower jaw and 3-4 implants in the upper jaw for the stability and success of the prosthesis.

According to the movable prosthesis system, the tires inside the prostheses may wear out and loosen over time these tires are replaced with a simple operation and the retention of the prosthesis is the same as on the first day it was made.

You have lost your teeth and do not want to use removable dental prosthesis, do you have problems with your existing dental bridges, do you want to have your tooth gaps closed in the most natural way? If you are experiencing one of these problems, you should know that the best solution is an implant. Implants are materials made of titanium that are applied to missing tooth parts. It is produced from the same material as the materials used for support in fractures in other parts of our body. Implants are the parts that serve as the root of the tooth. It is the healthiest, most beautiful and most natural solution for eliminating tooth deficiencies with dental crowns or bridges applied on it. The implant is the part placed inside the jawbone. There is also a piece called abutment that will provide the connection between the implant and the dental crown to be made. As prime dental turkey, the price of the implant we give you includes the price of the connection piece we call abutment. you won’t have to. All of the brands of implants we use as prime dental turkey are world-renowned, certified and guaranteed for life. In addition to working with the right brands, we provide this guarantee with the right treatment options we offer with our experienced physician staff. We make a lot of use of devices and techniques such as robotic implants.  In general, before the implant is applied, the hardness, width and length of the bone in the missing tooth or the part of the teeth are determined. The implant with the most suitable size and diameter is selected and applied to the area. After the implant is applied, a three-month recovery period is generally required. In this period, osteointegration In this period, the implant placed with the bone fuses and gains the strength to withstand the force of chewing. At the end of the last three months, the dental crown supported by the implant is made and the most suitable aesthetic appearance and chewing function are restored.

I have missing teeth, how many implants should I have?

When a single tooth is missing, an implant and the appropriate coating are placed on it and the treatment is terminated. In cases where two or three teeth are missing, two implants and the number of missing teeth are applied on it. An implant is not applied to each missing tooth. As the number of missing teeth increases, The situation is seen more easily. In the absence of four or more teeth, the hardness, thickness and length of the jaw bones are important. For example, three implants are generally applied in the absence of five teeth, but if the bone to be applied is thin, four implants may be needed. Free to learn the most suitable treatment option for you. You can get quick information from our patient consultants by making use of our consultation department. If the bone is available in our patients who do not have any teeth, the number of implants applied in general is twelve, six for the upper jaw and six for the lower jaw.

What is the all on four implant technique?

It is a fixed dental prosthesis method that is generally applied in edentulous jaws. If there is enough bone in fully edentulous jaws, the number of implants is six. However, due to long-term tooth loss, the volume of the jawbone decreases and there is not enough bone to apply the implant. All on four technique is applied in these cases. It is a placement technique. In normal cases, our surgeons apply the implants perpendicular to the jawbone and parallel to each other. There are two differences in the all-on-four technique according to the general situation. The first is the number of implants. As the name suggests, we apply four implants, not six. The second difference is the placement position of the implants. While the implants placed in the anterior region are parallel, the implants placed in the posterior region are placed at an angle. Thus, the resistance to the incoming force is increased. It is very important that it is performed by specialist maxillofacial surgeons since it is a technique that has become widespread recently and the position of the implants is important. There is some loss in the jaw bones that remain toothless for a long time. This situation can sometimes reach a size that will prevent the construction of the implant. In such cases, bone graft is used. Bone graft is the material that replaces the lost part of the bone obtained synthetically. It is also known as bone powder.

Is there a need to perform a preliminary surgical procedure in cases where bone graft is applied. Or can it be applied in the session where the implant is applied?

If large edentulous areas have been waiting for a long time, bone graft is applied together with the implant in the same session, although there are cases where a preliminary surgical procedure is performed and implants are applied three to four months later.

What is sinus lift? When is sinus lift applied?

There are sinus cavities on the upper part of the teeth at the back of our upper jaw. After the extraction of our upper molars, the sinus floor sometimes expands downwards and a limited bone tissue remains for implantation. Sinus lift operation is the process of lifting the sinus floor up and creating a suitable environment for the implant in order to apply an implant. Although not always needed, it is applied when the sinus is enlarged.

Can both teeth be extracted and implanted in the same area at the same time?

If your tooth has to be extracted, your tooth can be removed in the same session and the implant can be placed. If there is a major infection caused by the tooth to be extracted, it is beneficial not to put the implant in the same session. If you have your tooth extracted before you come to Turkey, it is appropriate to wait at least four weeks.

Dental Implants with Questions and Answers

What are dental Implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root which interfaces with jaw or skull to support prosthesis (such as crowns, bridges etc). An Implant Treatment has 2 stages; the first one includes implant fixture placement and the second one includes implant abutment and crown placement.

How is it made? How important is implant’s quality?

Most of the implants made of titanium, one of the most durable materials that doesn’t hurt the human body. Making a dental implant is very detailed work and that’s why there are huge quality differences between the bad and good implant. In Prime Dental Center we use only global implant brands and we provide all documents to our patients about their implants.

When should a patient choose the dental implant option?

If the patient has a toothless area and there are no strong teeth to support a dental bridge alone or if the patient wants a whole mouth reconstruction then implants may be suggested by the dentist. Your dentist also needs to inform you about your bone density which is very important if you want to choose a dental implant option because in the case of “lack of bone density” situations, implants can not be placed because of the high chance of implant loss risk.

Who should perform the dental implant treatment?

An oral surgeon should perform this treatment. Although any dentist can perform the implant treatment in Turkey, getting a PhD in this area is a game changer. Dental Implants can be considered as an oral and maxillofacial surgery and complications may happen if they are placed bad. Planning the position and number of the implants is the gold key to get %100 successful result and we offer you exactly this!

Mehmet Ali Koldas

He was born in 1989 in Izmir. After completing his primary, secondary and high school education in Torbalı, he went to high school in İzmir Atatürk High School.

In 2007, he started studying at Ege University, Faculty of Dentistry. In 2012, he started his specialization exam in Dentistry and started his residency in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Süleyman Demirel University.

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