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Lervon Gentles


E-Max Crowns

4700 £

Exceptional Experience with E-Max Crowns at Prime Dental

Having my E-Max Crowns done at Prime Dental Turkey was an incredible experience. Initially, I was a bit anxious about visiting a dental clinic abroad, but the team at Prime Dental Turkey completely alleviated all my fears and concerns.

The clinic is extremely modern and hygienic, and the staff are incredibly professional. My dentist explained the treatment process in detail, ensuring I knew what to expect at every step, which really put me at ease. Throughout the E-Max Crowns procedure and afterwards, I felt no pain or discomfort.

The results are amazing! My new teeth look and feel natural. Thanks to this treatment, my confidence has skyrocketed, and I can now smile freely. Endless thanks to Prime Dental Turkey and their fantastic team!

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