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Emax Laminate Veneers

Get information about Emax Laminate Veneers with the explanation of specialist dentist Egemen Ozdemir.

e max laminate veneers

In today’s aesthetic dental applications, the differences between zirconium crown treatment and Emax veneer treatment are highly debated. After it is determined that a tooth cannot be saved due to caries or another reason, dental veneer treatments come into play to save the tooth by covering the surface thereof. These procedures can be applied not only for health, but also for aesthetic purposes. During these procedures, a wide variety of materials, products, and treatment methods can be used. The best type of veneer for a patient is determined by several factors, including the patient’s condition, tooth structure, and cost. Accordingly, the benefits and advantages acquired from the tooth differ depending on the veneer materials used.

Porcelain and zirconium crowns are the most well-known dental veneer methods in use today. Furthermore, the Emax tooth veneer procedure is mainly used on the front incisors. From this perspective it is used for teeth with bad aesthetic appearance disturbing individual rather than unhealthy teeth trying to be saved. Since it is weak in terms of robustness, Emax is not preferred for cheek teeth. In this regard, a comparison between zirconium and Emax can be made, both in terms of health and aesthetics.

What Are the Conditions in Which Dental Veneer Procedures Are Used?

There are two scenarios in which dental veneers can be employed. Due to both health and aesthetic concerns, any of the zirconium, porcelain or emax veneer types can be applied to replace the teeth that cannot be saved or missing teeth in patients. These techniques, which are frequently used in aesthetic dentistry procedures today, allow patients to have teeth that appear more natural and healthier. From this perspective, the treatment is carried out by selecting the most appropriate veneer type for all age groups and gender of adults, while also taking into account the patient’s preferences and demands.

It is applicable on the surfaces of tooth sections that cannot be saved anymore due to caries. The procedure can be applied to all teeth, a specific tooth, or a group of teeth. In terms of appearance and functionality, the veneer material chosen for the procedure should deliver the best results for the patient.

What are the Methods for Dental Veneer Treatment?

While evaluating dental veneer types and treatment options, many distinct factors can be considered. The goal of these methods is to protect the teeth’s strength in terms of functionality while also achieving a healthy and attractive appearance. The most common types and methods of dental veneers in Turkey and around the world today are:

  • Porcelain veneer,
  • Zirconium crown,
  • Metal supported dental veneer,
  • Full porcelain veneer using the empress method,
  • Composite laminate veneer,
  • Emax veneer, etc.

Each treatment process and veneer material have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. In general, however, each method has the advantage of providing patients with a considerably stronger and more attractive dental appearance in place of the teeth they have lost.

What is Zirconium Crown Treatment?

Zirconium crown is a treatment method that is often applied as porcelain veneer.  The use of zirconium for tooth coating treatment is extremely popular, and it is classified in two ways: metal-supported and non-metal. In terms of appearance, zirconium, a white alloy material utilized instead of gray metal as a substructure for conventional porcelain bridge and prosthesis treatments, offers a significant advantage to patients. The use of a zirconium crown is mostly for aesthetic reasons, as well as for discolorations and other structural flaws that cannot be remedied with bleaching. There are two basic procedures for applying zirconium crown treatment. These are;

  • Bridge and veneer in posterior teeth group,
  • Prostheses on implants in anterior teeth group.

Commonly preferred in terms of aesthetics, this material has both advantages and disadvantages.  In general, though, zirconium crown is one of the most popular tooth coating treatments.

What are Advantages of Zirconium Crown Treatment?

The most essential advantage of zirconium crown is its being the closest material to natural teeth due to its light permeable structure. For this reason, it’s nearly impossible to tell whether the person being treated has had any dental work done.  Furthermore, the following are some of the most basic advantages of zirconium crown:

  • It is fully compatible with tooth tissue,
  • The purple color seen in metal-supported prosthesis is not seen in zirconium crown,
  • Because of its light permeability, it appears considerably more natural.
  • It does not cause gum recession,
  • It does not cause any metal allergy,
  • It does not cause taste changes in the mouth as it does not contain metal.

The use of zirconium crowns is quite popular and advantageous because of these and many other benefits. Following the procedure, patients gain benefits in numerous aspects.

What is Emax Dental Veneer?

Emax dental veneer treatment differs from other veneer treatments in numerous ways. Mainly used for aesthetic concerns in addition to health problems, Emax veneer is widely preferred to provide a bright and smooth appearance of the anterior incisors. In this regard, this veneer treatment is better suited to teeth with abnormalities that cause patients distress in terms of aesthetics rather than teeth that have lost their health. Emax veneers are not recommended for teeth in the back of the mouth since they are not as strong as others in terms of overall durability.

This procedure should also be allowed by the dentist for those who prefer emax for obtaining an aesthetically smooth appearance. On the other hand, because veneer teeth often lose their existing qualities over time, proper oral and dental care will be required after treatment. When comparing zirconium and Emax, thus, it is important to consider the long-term benefits they will provide.

What are Advantages of Emax Veneer Treatment?

The most significant advantage of Emax veneer treatment is that it never compromises the natural tooth’s structure. On the other hand, because it is designed with aesthetics in mind, it may be preferred for front-tooth abnormalities. This feature allows the treatment to be performed in a significantly shorter period. Depending on the sort of treatment considerations adopted during dental veneer treatments, different types of benefits can be mentioned.

E-max is a type of veneer that is used on the front teeth for aesthetic concerns. Emax veneer, a thin and precisely built porcelain with light-permeable exterior, is frequently compared to zirconium.

What are the Differences Between Zirconium and Emax Laminate?

The differences between an Emax and Zirconium should be examined in two basic categories. The advantages and disadvantages of both veneer materials may be easily recognized when compared in terms of health and aesthetics. Accordingly, the main differences between zirconium crown and emax laminate are:

  • Zirconium is more durable and stronger than emax laminate,
  • Compared to zirconium, emax laminate provides a more aesthetic and natural appearance in terms of permeability and appearance.
  • Zirconium crown is preferred for health reasons, whilst emax laminate is preferred for aesthetic reasons.
  • Emax laminate is preferable for front teeth, whilst zirconium may be better for back teeth.

Both dental coating methods have many different advantages and disadvantages. Thus, before choosing the most appropriate method and material for treatment, the dentist’s decision and the patient’s condition should be taken into consideration.

Prices of Zirconium and Emax Veneers

The prices of dental veneers will vary depending on the qualities of the materials to be used and the treatment methods to be employed. Basically, depending on its structure and application areas, zirconium crowns might be substantially more expensive than emax veneers. On the other hand, however, there may be considerable pricing discrepancies in both applications due to the preference for treatments that vary from person to person in terms of aesthetics and health. When comparing zirconium and emax, the benefits to the patients should take precedence over the costs.  Hence, the decision rests with a specialist dentist.

Emax Laminate Veneers with Questions and Answers

What is Emax laminate veneer?

Emax Veneers are another kind of porcelain veneer. They are sometimes called eMax laminate veneers and are crafted from lithium disilicate glass-ceramic. This special material offers several advantages. For starters, it’s lighter and thinner than traditional dental porcelains.

How long does it take to make emax laminates?

Depending on the number of teeth, it is a treatment that lasts in a short period of four to six days.

Is Emax Laminate Veneers treatment a painful treatment?

No, it is not. You will not feel anything during the treatment and you will have a wonderful smile at the end.

Egemen Ozdemir

He was born in Edirne in 1986. After completing his primary education at Edirne Şükrü Paşa Primary School, he finished his secondary education at Edirne Anatolian High School in 2001. He then attended Edirne Science High School from 2001 to 2004. He graduated from the Ege University Faculty of Dentistry, where he excelled in his studies.

Throughout his career, he has developed expertise in the field of aesthetic dentistry by participating in numerous courses, congresses, and symposiums. Before joining Prime Dental Clinic, he spent nine years working as a dentist and manager in various clinics in Izmir.

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