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Dental bridges are fixed dental prostheses used to close gaps caused by missing teeth.

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Dental bridges are fixed dental prostheses used to close gaps caused by missing teeth. They are dental prostheses that are generally supported by reducing the teeth on both sides of the gap area. It is more preferred when there is not enough bone for the implant or when it is desired to finish the treatment with a single trip. It is produced from zirconium veneers. Since they are fixed prostheses, they are comfortable to use and perform the chewing function easily. Their lifespan is about ten years like other veneers.

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Dental Bridge with Questions and Answers

How long do tooth bridges last? How long do dental bridges last?

Dental bridges can last at least five to seven years. With good oral hygiene and regular professional cleanings, the bridge may last more than 10 years.

Is dental bridge painful?

The procedure used to put the dental bridge in your mouth is relatively easy and pain-free.

Do teeth bridges fall out?

Dental bridges are durable restorations; they typically last for 10 years or longer before replacement becomes necessary.

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