Teeth should be kept clean at all times for  dental health reasons. Dental problems, on the other hand, arise beyond a particular age. Problems induced by decay, in addition to genetical problems caused by aging , also begin to cause problems in terms of aesthetic appearance. Apart from the wear of the teeth with age, there may be an appearance that may disturb the person due to poor tooth alignment of the teeth and aesthetic concerns. When we smile, it is important to look beautiful as well as use our teeth in a healthy manner. Aside from treatments to restore the health of the teeth, our clinic also offers services in the field of aesthetic dentistry.

Smile design is a multifaceted therapeutic strategy. The size, proportion, symmetry, color, and gingival levels of the teeth are all essential, as are characteristics such as the volume of the lips, symmetry of the lips, how much the lips are extended when the individual smiles, and how much the gums are visible. Since smile design is a versatile treatment, the pricing of smile design also varies from case to case. Only gingival leveling can be used as a treatment option for smile design, as well as more comprehensive treatments such as implant-supported prostheses used in cases called whole jaws due to the patient’s inability to use her natural teeth. In smile design, as in other dentistry applications, pricing is much more affordable compared to other European countries.

Prices for Smile Design in 2022

Aside from the fact that the person can not use all of their natural teeth in a functional manner, the fact that the existing teeth are perceptible outside of the aesthetic norms is also a significant issue.It is extremely difficult for a person to smile confidently and comfortably if their teeth are crooked, broken, or spaced out, or if their gums are visible.Our patients with this type become unable to smile even at their own reflections in the mirror.Our patients can smile proudly without hesitation in their daily lives thanks to the treatments used in our aesthetic dentistry department to eliminate this problem.

In the treatment plan, we follow a certain protocol, which includes getting intraoral and face images of the patient from various angles. In a computer environment, these photos are analyzed. Broken teeth, crooked teeth, and edentulous areas to be implanted are all checked individually.Our dentists determine the dental plan to be followed at the conclusion of the assessment.The program is implemented with the patient’s approval, and the best dental solutions are generated.