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Emax Crown Prices In Turkey

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Teeth should always be healthy regarding their effects on the body’s health. Due to the need for professionals, our dentists offer options to people who suffer from cariosity or dental problems because of elderliness. Our expert staff provides service by using the highest quality products to clients from various countries. Our clinic produces solutions for smile design, laminated  veeners, implants, and whitening and offers quality service in this regard.

E-max Crown Prices in 2022

Our company, which covers treatments customized to their teeth that are required by people from all over the world, provides special treatment alternatives for those who forget to smile.

Smile outside of aesthetic norms occurs as a consequence of genetic conditions or other reasons and it can cause psychological pressure. As a result, we provide unique therapeutic choices for persons who have been socially isolated.  E-max full veneers are the most effective treatment for achieving good outcomes. E-max full veneers are scraped off the blocks to provide us with the ideal tooth form and appearance. E-max prices are influenced by a variety of things. The quality of the materials used and the experience of the personnel performing the treatment are the most crucial factors.

Dental Aesthetics

When it comes to the smile, our team conducts a picture session as the first phase in the treatment program. The structure of the teeth and the aesthetic problems that occur in the teeth are examined by our dentists. Measurements are taken at the end of the examination, and the procedure begins.

What is E-max Dental?

Emax full veneers are prepared by scraping from special blocks. Compressed porcelain is used to make these blocks. E-max veneers are one of the greatest options for teeth that have lost their structural visual characteristics. Veneers are made of special materials are attached to the teeth with a special bonding agent in this process. These teeth can be used in the same way as natural teeth. E-max crownings do not get dark or yellow, and they do not lose their aesthetic appearance. You can also contact us about full veneer and you can choose the best option for your teeth.

Our Implant Service

Implant technology, which has advanced to the point where it can replace dentures and is extremely durable, is still developing. Our clinic keeps a close eye on the development and provides the best implant options. After a jawbone and intraoral examination, the most appropriate treatment form is determined in this service. For an average of three months, the implant placed in the jawbone undergoes the osteointegration process, which involves the implant fusing with the bone. The treatment is completed with the placement of a dental prosthesis. The implants used are titanium and do not pose any health risks.


Teeth Whitening

This treatment improves people’s confidence by making discolored teeth appear whiter. Teeth whitening procedure is applied only to natural teeth. It does not affect the color of full veneers or laminated veneers like E-max or zirconium crowns.

Dental Bridge Treatment

Dental bridges are a type of dental prosthesis that is used to fill the gap left by missing teeth. When there is not enough bone to implant and the teeth around the cavity are healthy, this is the preferred treatment option. Unlike an implant, it does not require multiple visits. It is less time-consuming than implanted treatment methods. Treatments performed by specialist dentists with the highest quality materials can be used for a long time.

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