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Digital Smile Design in Turkey

DSD (Digital Smile Design) aims to show the patient the most aesthetic version of his/her teeth and smile before starting the treatment. This procedure can be applied with many methods.

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DSD (Digital Smile Design) aims to show the patient the most aesthetic version of his/her teeth and smile before starting the treatment. This procedure can be applied with many methods. Firstly, patient’s needs and expectations should be well understood and the ideal smile should be achieved with the right planning. The ideal smile can be sometimes designed with minor change on a tooth and sometimes can be designed with the entire mouth prosthetic treatment. In dentistry, aesthetics can be achieved by the harmonious use of pink and white.

To start with, detailed photographs should be taken from the patient who inquired to the clinic for a smile design request and the patient’s jaw measurements should be taken. The ideal smile is achieved by transfering the obtained data to the digital platform and evaluating them with various measurements in design programs. Some of these measurements are;

Gender: Women have more round lines than men. Men have sharper lines.

Lips: The ideal smile comes with the slope followed by the lips and the slope passing through incisors of the teeth being parallel to each other, and at the same time, no dark triangles should form on the lip edges when smiling.

Skin and eye color: In order to have natural-looking teeth, whiter shades of teeth should be used as the skin color gets darker, and at the same time, the shade should be compatible to the white part of the eye.

Age: The transparent appearance of the teeth in the incisor area disappears as a person gets olde, and the size of the teeth decreases.

Geometric shape of the face: The geometric shape of the sjull should be compatible with the transition lines of the edges of the tooth.

Tooth lines: The patient’s gingiva should not be visible when smiling, and the gingiva should be visible 1-2 mm in a standard smile.

Lines of symmetry: The imaginary line passing through the two pupils and the imaginary line passing through the cutting edge of the front teeth should be parallel to each other. The canine teeth should be in line with the nose wings of the patients. The midline dividing the head in the middle should pass through the middle of the two central teeth, and the front tooth symmetry should be regarded.

The smile designed by paying attention to all these critaria can be shown to the patient in several different ways. The preview of the new smile can be shown to the patient with a temporary material (a mock up) on the teeth or on a photograph. If the patient accepts, the treatment phase starts and the newly desiged smile is applied to the patient within 3-6 days, depending on the material and method. The biggest advantage of DSD is that it provides a pre-appearance of the smile that is going to be achieved after the treatment, without any action on the teeth.

Digital smile design can be applied to any patient whose expectations are clear. This requires the right material, the right technology and a good analysis. DSD is a technology that brings imaginary smiles together with reality.

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Digital Smile Design with Questions and Answers

Is it painful to have a laminate veneer?

While the laminates are being prepared, the level of abrasion is very low. Some of the enamel layer of the tooth is preserved. In this way, you will not feel any pain during the preparation of the laminates.

In how many days is the Laminate Veneer treatment completed?

Depending on the number of teeth, it is a treatment that lasts in a short period of four to six days.

Laminated veneers intact?

Although laminate veneers are very thin porcelain structures, since they are fixed to the tooth with strong adhesives, their strength level is high.

What material are laminate veneers made of?

In our clinic, laminate veneers are produced by scraping from porcelain blocks of celtra dio and ivoclar brands.

We shared with you before and after photos of one of our treatments.

  • Laminate Veneers
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The completion time of this treatment is 5 days.


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