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İmplant Fiyatları Hesaplama Motoru
Dental Implants Price in Turkey
Please select if you are going to have an implant. Indicate the number of implants after selection.
Please tick the number of implants you need.
Select the crown to be covered after the implant. Please specify the quantity after selection.
Please mark the number of veeners you need.
Do you need bone powder?
Please specify if you need tooth extraction.
Do you need?
If you need a dental filling, please specify below.
Please specify if you need Root Canal Treatment.
Do you need Teeth Whitening?
Please choose if you have visual problems and for your needs such as smile design.
Please enter quantity
If you have a panoramic x-ray, please specify
The total price below excludes material prices. By law, you must call the clinic and find out the total cost.
Tahmini Toplam

3400 TL

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