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Many people are interested in learning more about dental bridges. Patients who are unsure what a dental bridge is can discuss their concerns with their dentists.All of their doubts are dispelled after consulting  the dentist, and they learn all of the details about the dental bridge.

What is Dental Bridge?

Gum disease or extensive tooth decay are two common causes of tooth loss. Tooth loss causes aesthetic concerns and adversely affects the psychology of the patient. If tooth loss has occurred in the anterior teeth, it causes the patient to feel incomplete and outside the aesthetic norms every time he smiles. In order to reduce this feeling and make the patient smile again with peace of mind, the dental bridge procedure is applied.

Tooth loss is becoming increasingly common as a result of the increased intake of processed foods, which are harmful to dental health. As a result, the number of patients seeking an implant or bridge is on the rise. Clients who consult a dentist can simply be informed about dental bridge procedures and treated accordingly. Procedure should be operated by a dental expert.

 Is the Dental Bridge suitable for Everyone?

For which cases dental bridges can be applied is a matter of curiosity for most people. In order for the operation to be successfully completed, a few procedures must be performed beforehand. Since any disruption will affect the treatment, it is the first priority to determine the suitability of the patient for treatment before treatment. In order to avoid any undesirable results, the patient who will have a dental bridge undergoes a series of checks before the treatment. The health of the teeth that will support the missing tooth is one of the conditions identified in these controls. The position of the teeth that correspond to the gap in the opposing jaw, as well as the health of the gums in that area, are all examined.

After the necessary checks have been completed, the dental bridge procedure can begin if it is deemed appropriate. .However, for some people, a dental bridge is considered dangerous. A dental bridge is not recommended for people who are breastfeeding or pregnant, people who have poor dental health around the cavity, or people who have severe gum loss. It is also recommended that people with a wound in their mouth wait for the wound to heal before they can have a dental bridge.

Prices of Dental Bridges

Dental bridge prices are determined by a variety of factors. Some of these considerations include the number of teeth for which the bridge will be designed and manufactured, the material from which the bridge will be made, and whether the teeth to be supported by the bridge require additional treatment. However, in order to obtain the most accurate price, it is necessary to conduct research. The person who will perform the operation should be competent, and the price offered for the dental bridge should be reasonable in comparison to others, according to price research.

A dentist cannot provide a price without first inspecting the patients who will be receiving dental bridges.Since the state of the tooth is regarded as the most important factor influencing the price. Patients, on the other hand, want to know an approximate price.

Dental bridge fees differ from country to country and even from institution to institution. In countries such as England, USA, France, Belgium, it may be necessary to pay higher fees for dental bridges. Prices in Turkey are much more affordable than in many European countries and the materials used are at the same level as in other countries in terms of quality.

How Long Does a Dental Bridge Last?

Many people have questions about the durability of the dental bridge.The dental bridge has a certain period of use.This term of usage varies depending on the materials used, however it usually ranges from fifteen to twenty years. Of course, at this point, how the patient does his dental care is the crucial determining factor. The shape or size of a dental bridge or crown does not change. However, gum recession can be observed in the neighboring region. The bridge’s service life is shortened in such instances. Despite the fact that this information is available in the dental literature, you can get the most up-to-date information from dentists after an examination.

 Application Process of Dental Bridges

It should be noted that dental bridges or dental prosthesis cannot be prepared in a single session, but are produced after going through a construction process.Although a small number of tooth crownings, such as one or two teeth, can be prepared in as little as six hours, the preparation time of dental prostheses varies from about four to six days in our clinic.

In order to make a dental bridge,first step is to trim the supporting teeth and by that way providing the necessary space for the prothesis.Afterwards, digital or conventional measurements are taken from this area and sent to the dental prosthesis technicians with the patient’s photographs. Once the dental bridge is prepared,next step is the  fitting session.In that session the shape of the teeth, their size, compatibility with other teeth, color, and so on are all checked . Then the prothesis sent back to the laboratory for polishing. The dental bridge is then attached to the support teeth, and the treatment is completed.

Things to Know Before the Treatment

There are a number of criteria that patients who have a dental bridge treatment plan should consider. Otherwise, the dental bridge cannot be used for an extended period of time.

The  dental bridge should be made by an experienced and competent dentist. Procedures conducted by qualified physicians last longer. The use of the highest quality materials in the application is the most decisive factor for the lifetime of the dental bridge. Since most of the experienced dentists prefer  high quality level materials, the choice of material in the application is also related to the experience of the dentist performing the procedure.

People who are considering getting a dental bridge should conduct their research first. All of the steps of the dental bridge can be discovered through inquiry.

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