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Our teeth are valuable and essential for living a healthy life. Dental health is important, but so are dental rehabilitation procedures. Our dentists are ready to completely resolve your dental issues in a modern clinic setting. Aesthetic issues, as well as more serious dental health issues such as cariosity, have a negative impact on our lives. The poor health of the teeth renders them unusable and this problem affects our general health badly. The All on Six procedure is one of the most effective ways to treat tooth loss caused by large cavities and gum disease. All On Six processes are significantly cheaper in Turkey compared to European countries and USA. We use the products of world-renowned implant companies in our clinic. 

All on Six Implant Processes

When a tooth is lost, the implant is the first option to consider. In our clinic’s treatment processes, prosthetic teeth and implant options come first, and we use materials that are safe for human health. Applied with great precision and care, porcelain prosthetic teeth supported by six implants are a solid dental treatment with a nice appearance. The implants are fastened to the jawbone, and the prosthetic teeth are easy to use and sturdy. It will preserve its white colour, therefore even after a long time, it will look as good as they are new.

All on Six Aesthetic Solutions

Your teeth will have a great look and shine with our Hollywood Smile designs. Your smile will make you look fantastic. You’ll be able to smile again with our solutions.

Dental Veneer

We provide E-max, zirconium, and laminate dental treatments to our patients, which are applied with great care and speed by our experienced team of dentists. Dental aesthetics are considered when applying E-max and zirconium crowns. We start the treatment after a general examination. All procedures are explained to our patients before they begin, and we keep you informed throughout the process. When you are ready, the procedure will begin.

Laminates are a type of porcelain that is primarily used to treat teeth with undesirable appearances, such as bad shape and pitches. Laminates are used to treat pits and cracks on the surface of the teeth. We digitally profile your teeth, and after a thorough examination, we perform a meticulous procedure to make your teeth beautiful and healthy.

Implants and Aesthetic Smile Design

Smile aesthetics can not be considered only from a dental health perspective. People who are not able to smile or laugh can be harmed psychologically and this problem has to be solved. After examining your teeth, we create special treatment for your teeth and we carefully follow a process to make veneer look great. We prepare and apply the laminates based on the results of the first examination. You can immediately use your teeth after the procedure but always consult your dentist first. The Smile Design process begins with a patient examination. We photograph your smile and then analyse the images digitally. To plan the treatment, we also inspect the present condition of the mouth. During the examination phase, our dentist creates a profile of your treatment.

Teeth Whitening Service

We have a special treatment for teeth that do not have the desired white colour. After an examination made by our experienced dentists, we start the cleaning process. While having a genetic factor, a general lack of attention to dental health causes the teeth to lose their original white colour. Teeth can be whitened by our dentists with ease and create a significant difference in your look.

Hollywood Smile Service

You have many options to choose from in our clinic about smile aesthetics. After our treatments, you will never be shy about smiling again. Smiling has a good effect on your wellness, and smiling with good dental health will make your life better.

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