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Unlike the other field in medicine, aesthetic issues of teeth are also in the service of the dentist. Our clinic preffers effective and practical methods in all dental issues. We continue to produce dental solutions with experienced staff, in addition to the latest technology devices. To treat dental problems in a short time, specialized dentists are required. A new era in dentistry has begun with the use of dental implants, which have properties that are compatible with the human body. The tooth problem has been eliminated thanks to the use of special methods to mount dental implants to tje jawbone. Both functional and aesthetic problems related to appearance can be completely solved with four implants placed with special angles and techniques for completely adentuluos jaws and protheses supported by these implants.

All on Four Prothesis Prices

All on four prices are slightly higher than the standard aplies four implants due to diffuclty of the application of the technique. Four implants are insufficient to compensate for force on the jaw in normal circumstances, so the implants in the back areas are placed at different angles. As a result, the four implants can withstand the chewing force. Although implant prices appear to be high when compared to the cost of eliminating the entire jaw problem with only four implants, the treatment is deserving of consideration.

Clients Who Experienced Allon four Prothesis

After the operation, clients who experienced tretment show no significant pain or oral swelling. A temporary prothesis can be placed the same day or the next day if the patient requests. The temporary prothesis is only used to improve the aesthetic appearance and to reduce the problems that may arise as a result of adentuluosness. The patients can travel comfortably one day after all on four implants are placed. The permanent prothesis can be made three months after all on four imolants are placed, and the patients can use it comfortably. Programmed dental treatment is an issue that requires a professional solution. The aesthetic problem of the teeth is completely solved with implants and dental protheses to be used with implants. In the medical field, these methods used are considered to be safe and modern.

Our All on Four Team

Thanks to our specialist dentists, all your dental problems are solved in ashort time. One of the important issues in our clinic is implant placement, which is one of the special treatment methods that completely solve the dental problem. In case of cariosity or loss, implant application which is much more useful than denture application is preferred. Implant application, which is far more useful than denture application, is preferred in cases of curiosity or loss. Dental problems have been completely solved in today’s conditions thanks to the use of implants.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening is also an effective solution for discolored teeth that have completely lost their visual properties. Teeth that do not whiten are one of the genetic dental problems. A toohbrush will not be able to clean the small cracks on the tooth’s surface. Teeth that cannot be whitened in aprivate clinical settings are made white in a short period using easy methods. Our dentist team continues to provide treatments using Professional methods, so your teeth will be much whiter.

Dental Bridge Treatment

Our clinic’s applications also include problems that occur on the tooth surface. The use of a special composite mixture in the application of a bridge is effective in solving problems on the surface of the tooth. Our clinic provides these treatments using cutting-edge technology and experienced medical staff provides friendly service throughout the treatment period. Our dentists complete the treatment in a short time after carefully examining the tooth’s surface structure. Also, dentists provide necessary advice and assistance with dental care following the treatment.

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